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Heya guys!

If you are active at chat these days, I'm sure you know who Rebelwampire is. The guy who plays with trons at Hilo. I noticed that he is hunting high payouts by looking for same cards in a row. I was just wondering if anyone ever had the chance to hit like 5 Kings or Aces in a row? And what multiplier does it offer?


,I noticed that too. During all this time I talked, I saw only a few pieces very close to that.
The longest series I've ever seen was 4K and another 4A, made by Etude and gave an absurd multiplier.
Bigger than the ones I talked about I haven't seen it yet, but you can do this calculation on the hilo calculator. According to the simulation I made, a payment of about 353095.949x for 5 consecutive K!

Good luck!


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