What is Roobet and Gamdom


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Recently i have been getting recommended videos on Youtube and they all have been bonus buys for sweet bonanza, I don't know why i don't even play the slot, If you go on Youtube and type in sweet bonanza bonus buys and search from recently uploaded you will get loads of channels that look like gaming channels but have some gambling videos.

They all see to have a referral link or code to either Gamdom or Roobet, There are videos of people buying $1000 dollars bonus buys, It always seem to be in dollars not sure why , Just thought i would bring it to the forums attention.


I would avoid playing at anything such as gamdom. I've had a very bad experience with this "joint" that offers crypto based casino gaming. In short; i made a mistake by sending ERC20 instead of ETH (500 euro) to a given adress by gamdom. I contacted support, it took 48 hours on a regular monday to wednesday to respond. Their response was nothing more then "But youve send ERC20 to a ETH adress" - Yes correct. But i know the casino could solve this by simply pushing the funds over or "back" in this case. None of that in chat or support. Mind you; it's not a lost deposit, it can be reverted. And that is the issue here that i have with gamdom. They simply refuse. They dont bother.

This casino is being promoted by various slot streamers; no shit since they openly advertise with if you have xxxx amount of subscribers etc you are eligible to promote our casino, in exchange for deals. There's zero check on age, for all we know a underaged could gamble here and there's litterally no verification proces whatsoever. They are based in Curacao, obvious because thats the malta of gambling with their own set of games and RTP's that are not licenced from legitimate providers.

It left such as bad taste in my mouth exploring other casino's at this point that i just stick with what i know. I really woud'nt recommend playing here. Complaints that you will find are from people who got banned after attempting to hit a withdrawl. This place stinks. It's only "big" due to the gambling in CS go skins or so. Obvious aimed at minors with a 2nd department of gambling.


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