Simple Dice Strategy - A Lesson I learnt in Gambling


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I would like to suggest an easy to follow & simple algorithm, especially for new/inexperienced gamblers...
(This might be a well known strategy, to be honest, I learnt the strategy from a gambler long time ago, it was for slots,
however it is applicable to dice and customizable as well.)

So lets get started -

Firstly start with Play Money, practice the strategy - if you like it and feel confident,
only then apply the strategy with your favorite coins.

Roll Over/Under = Your Choice, but keep it constant during the session, until you win.

Note - If you win at any point, refresh the page/change seed/change seat,
However you like it, or you may end the session after a win!
Again when you want to continue playing - start afresh from Step - 1, also you might want to swap Roll Under/Over.

Step - 1
Bet Amount = 10 * 1 = 10
Payout = 10
Roll for 9 times
If you lose 9 times, follow Step - 2

Step - 2
Bet Amount = 10 * 2 = 20
Payout = 10
Roll for 5 times
If you lose 5 times, follow Step - 3

Step - 3
Bet Amount = 10 * 3 = 30
Payout = 10
Roll for 3 times
If you lose 3 times, follow Step - 4

Step - 4
Bet Amount = 10 * 4 = 40
Payout = 10
Roll for 3 times
If you lose 3 times, follow Step - 5

Step - 5
Bet Amount = 10 * 5 = 50
Payout = 10
Roll for 2 times
If you lose 2 times - well, consider that's the end of the session.

You might want to close the session and relax for a while, grab some coffee.
And there's always the next time .

The above strategy is an "example strategy".
I would like you to build, expand, customize it & create your own strategy!

And do not give up - I would like to instill some confidence in you - take this strategy & twist, tweak according to your taste.

By the way, changing strategies is also a good strategy .

And above all, remember this is a game & we are here for fun and entertainment, which is a part of our daily lives.

Whenever the mind becomes dull/bored, whenever we lack motivation,
We enjoy the games and chat here in CG, for a boost of confidence & motivation..... Well, I could go on and on..... I think I wrote enough for now.

Feel free to comment/suggestions & share your success/failure stories using this strategy/customized one!

Cheers, and enjoy your time, good luck.


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Hello, my last winning strategy was the following

5X multiplier

Base bet 8 sat

29.5% increase bet when loosing

i use autobet

ma balanc was 0.0002BTC when i start playing