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Blackjack books. Tips, strategies and theory on how to play blackjack game.
List of popular blackjack game books:
1. Big Book of Blackjack: The world's greatest blackjack player, the legendary Arnold Snyder, shows beginning and advanced players everything they need to know to beat the game of casino blackjack. From the rules of the game to advanced professional strategies, Snyder's guidance and advice runs the gamut of strategies needed to successfully beat the casino-with the odds! Snyder should know: he's been a professional player and the guru for serious players for more than 25 years.
2. Blackbelt in Blackjack : Playing 21 as a Martial Art: This newly revised and updated edition is now made available for the first time to a national audience. This is blackjack as a martial art, targeted for serious and professional players looking to win real money at the game.
3. Risk of Ruin: Risk of Ruin is about Bart Black, a professional gambler-biker-tattoo-artist who becomes obsessed with an underage stripper who believes she's God.


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the more I dig in the forum the more I appreciate all your creativity on publishing interesting things.

I never thought about reading a book on Blackjack. I have studied the optimal strategy chart of blackjack, but really never thought about reading a book!

It is quite handy for sure increasing your knowledge on the topic.