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    Simple Dice Strategy - A Lesson I learnt in Gambling

    Hello, my last winning strategy was the following 5X multiplier Base bet 8 sat 29.5% increase bet when loosing i use autobet ma balanc was 0.0002BTC when i start playing
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    Dice Adventures

    Good luck and much happiness in your new life stage.
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    Wandering in the Mines - Minesweeper Strategy

    Only played it twice (two sessions). First was a Minesweeper challenge, I put in 24 mines and kept playing til I found the single coin. Obviously, too easy as many others posted a lot higher strats. Still in my second session today (another MS challenge). Thinking of maybe 10/11 mines? And just...
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    Test If Its A Good Day To Gamble

    Great advise! Will keep it in mind!
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    Online gambling strategies

    What do you mean by the *online gambling* sentence? Is that betting or playing slots machines, or maybe poker rooms? In any gambling area you can succeed if you will follow the simple rules: 1. Don't drink during the process. 2. Plan your budget. 3. Research the game you play, build your...