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    Plinko is very good game for increase wegar amount and level

    Hey friends, Some people try to increase wegar amount and upgrade level mostly play dice game 1.01x dice or limbo game I also play dice for this but I think plinko 16 row with low risk good then other strategy for increased level and wegar amount even you select auto and just leave mobile ...
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    Plinko Low Risk

    Okay since I am not winning resulting to not being able to cash out in the past few weeks LOL. Then just to make myself benefit somehow I would focus on wagering then. Might be benefecial for me to finally reach Silver so soon! (Oh Come on NiCOL3) So basically how should I do it ? How many...
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    Plinko Took Away All Of My Coupon In A Few Minutes

    Again, Plinko you took it all away from me in a span of a few minutes last night. Oh how cruel you are to me. What have I done to you that you are so cruel to me. Huhuhu! It's been weeks since I have last had a chance to click on withdraw. Please be good to me.
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    Plinko is Grrrrr

    For the past few days of playing, depositing and getting busted, Plinko was the one who caused it all for me. I came to a point that I would only get x0.20 multiplier for more than 20-40 rolls without even hitting a single x2 multilplier and after such a bad streak, I would just hit one x2 or x4...
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    Which is more profitable or better results?

    Guys, how do you play Plinko most often? Auto or Manual? Which one gave you a better result or has been proven profitable? Personally, when I have tried auto it took all my bankroll in just a really quick time when unlucky but when lucky enough I hit x1000 multiplier quicker. Mostly I play it...
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    Is increasing bet will more hard to hit big payout in Plinko?

    Hello everyone, Did you increase your bet during hunting plinko? Last two day I was increase my bet during hunting for 260x in plinko. I just start roll with 100 sat and after hit 0.2 9 times in rows, I was increase my bet to 1000sat. mostly when I hit 0.2 in row next bet is sureally 1x or more...
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    Super ball.

    hey folks what i was thinking is a new kind a giveaway at plinko like we have free spins at slot, what if we have super ball at plinko, and that ball comes very randomly anytime like we get scatters at slot, so when that ball comes and drop at any multiplier we will get 2x of that multiplier...
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    My worst session on plinko

    Here you go. I just had my worst session on plinko yesterday. I lost 1,1 million satoshi trying to hit 420x multiplier. In the past I was able to hit every big multiplier in a single day. It actually happen 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months starting from the lowest multiplier up to 1000x! This...
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    how many rolls do you usually do to x1000 in plinko?

    how many rolls do you usually do to x1000 in plinko?
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    Smart Plinko Strategy

    Hi, I'm kingnayim2. i want to share a smart strategy i use on plinko with community that's playing smart. first reset seed and live stats set a base bet chose a row count of your choice flow and rules you start betting with low risk you increase the risk when the highest multiplier of...
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    Best Technique to wager more with small balance

    Hello all, Happy saturday.!!!! As u all know its a Mega race day and People often want to know what the best strategy to wager with small balance in order to loose less and also be in top 50 to get the race Prize plus extra 50 usd Promotion....... I waana share my best wagering strategy that i...
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    6 drops per bet.

    hey guyz. i tried with 1 drop and multiple drops many times, but i noticed one thing that when ever i got success at plinko that was with 6 drops per bet, i dont know if there is some technique hidden in this method, but it worked and one more thing it worked mostly at row 8, 9, 10 and 11 also...
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    missed 1000x three times.

    hey all hope you all are doing great. yesterday i was playing plinko, for the ist time there was a hope that i can get 1000x i had a nice seed, and what happend is i missed 3 times 1000x 2 times ball bounced from 2nd last pin and fell in 26x and one time bounced from last pin and fell in 130x i...
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    Are you still on Plinko ?

    hey guyz hope you all are doing great. i played plinko alot when i joined this site got few big hits as well but never 1000x, then after few weeks plinko become so hard and i left this game, after that till today when ever i tried at plinko i never got a decent hit and never got a profit, i...
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    I am losing my mind! 95,000 and counting!

    Hello all! I have been hypnotized by the gods of plinko and I am beginning to worry they are playing a never ending game with me. I am 95,000 bets in and still no 1,000x, believe I have had 2 or 3 130x up until this point. Needless to say I have lost a significant amount of money here. I am...
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    Hitting high multplier in Plinko

    Is there any strategy you are using in order to hit high multi in plinko?! teach us please
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    We all know its not actually physics right?

    Looking through here I see a ton of people saying they are having terrible luck and their balls are bouncing crazy and will hit the far pin only to bounce inward to the 26x or whatever may happen. Just a reminder, when you hit bet, the math goes in and result comes out instantly, there is...
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    My fruity 1000x on Plinko who made my day

    for recognition's and my memories at forum of stake, some time it happen 🥰
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    Sign of hitting 1000x

    Has anyone of you observed a trend on this game? Lately, I have yet to somehow realize that whenever I am going to hit x1000 on a specific game play session, prior to hitting the highest multiplier x1000, I would hit x130 and x26 a lot of times. Then almost all the time I'd be hitting x1000...
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    how many rolls do you usually do to x1000 in plinko?

    how many rolls do you usually do to x1000 in plinko?